Edmodo Play (Teachers)

What Is Edmodo Play?

Edmodo Play is an educational resource for students. This is a Student-centric addition to Edmodo in which students are provided with the opportunity to engage with questions aligned to Math, Science, US History, and ELA standards. Furthermore, Edmodo Play allows students to earn badges for their work.

Accessing Edmodo Play

Teachers can view Edmodo Play by going to play.edmodo.com.

Subjects and Grade Levels Available on Play

There are currently 9 challenges available on Play:

  • Math - 8th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade
  • Science - middle school and high school
  • US History - high school
  • ELA - elementary, middle school, and high school

Monitoring Students' Progress on Play

Students have their points, badges, and answer history on their student accounts. Right now, the only way for teachers to see their students' progress on Play is for the students to show the teacher their student accounts. Play is still in the process of being developed, and we hope to implement a feature for teachers to view students' progress in the future!