What Are Topics?

Topics are areas where you can connect and collaborate with other educators who have similar interests.

Learn more about using Topics:


Search for and Follow Topics

To browse the Topics:

  1. On the left side-bar, locate the Topics section.
  2. Select "Show All."
  3. You'll be taken to the Topics page. Click between the two center tabs to see all the posts made in the topics you are already following - "Latest Posts" or all of the Topics you follow - "Topics."
  4. On the left-side bar, you can see: the most popular Topics, the Topics you are following, or All Topics

To follow a new Topic:

  1. On the All Topics page, scroll through the "Recommended for You" section, or the "All Topics" section to find something you are interested in.
  2. To check out the Topic without following it, click the Topic's name.
  3. To follow the topic from any page, click the blue "Follow" button

To unfollow a Topic:

  1. On the left side-bar, locate the Topics section.
  2. Click the Topic you want to unfollow.
  3. Select the green "Unfollow topic" button

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Create a new Topic

To create a new Topic, type the Topic name in the recipients box. If the Topic does not yet exist, click "Create a new Topic."

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Send a Post to your Group from the Topic page

If you would like to send a Post (Note, Quiz, Poll, etc) to your Group from your Homepage, have no fear! The functionality to send a Post from your Group on the Homepage is still available.

To send a post to your Groups from the Topic page, select "Send a note" on the top right of the Topics postbox. From here, you will return to the classic postbox.


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