Auto Install the Edmodo Chrome App in All Organizational Devices (Admin)

Want to make it even easier for your teachers and students to access Edmodo? If you are a Google School or District, it is now simpler than ever to make Edmodo readily available for all members of your organization!

From within your Google Admin Console you can automatically install (force install) the Edmodo Chrome App to all devices within your organizational unit. Once you take this action, any user within your organizational unit that signs into their Google Apps account will see the app on their shelf while using their Chrome Device. Users will not be able to remove this app, and the app will bypass your set permission or blocking settings. 

To Force Install the Edmodo Chrome App:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console.
  2. Click on the Device management option from within your Admin dashboard.
  3. Select "Chrome management."
  4. Select "App management."
  5. Locate the Edmodo Chrome App: you may need to use the filtering options on the left if you have several apps.
  6. Select which of the following categorical settings you would like to employ:
    • User settings: This will force install the Edmodo Chromre App for all users who log in to their Google Apps account within your domain.
    • Public session settings: This will force install the Edmodo Chrome App for any user who logs in to a public session on your Chrome devices.
  7. From within the Orgs section you can select the specific organizational units for which you would like to force install the Edmodo Chrome App. Select the highest level unit if you would like to install this app to all members of your organization.
  8. In the Force Installation section select the slider Turn off icon to initiate the force installation Turn on icon.
  9. Select Save to put these settings in effect.