End of Year Sync FAQs (Teacher)

As many of you wrap up the year, we want to answer your most frequently asked end-of-year questions. With Edmodo sync you will keep your same account active year after year, former groups will be archived, and new ones will be created automatically for the next semester.


1) What do I do with my groups at the end of the grading period?

At the end of the grading period your former groups will be archived, which saves all of the work and grades, and prevents any new posts from being made to the group. At the beginning of the following year new groups will be created through sync to be used in the next year or grading period. Should the need arise, you can always restore an archived Group if you want to use it again.


2) How do I remove students from my group so I can get the group ready for next year's students?

There is no need to remove Students from your Group! You should leave all of the students in your Group, preserving all of their work and grades. At the end of the year your sync created groups will be archived automatically.  

Please note that groups you create yourself will still need to be archived manually. Please refer to this FAQ to make sure your Groups are properly archived at the end of each marking period.


3) How can I use Edmodo to help prepare my students for end of the year Assessments?

If your students will be taking assessments on Math or ELA Common Core standards, then try using Snapshot, Edmodo's new free Common Core tool to gain actionable insight into your students' performance to inform your end-of-year review. Featuring thousands of standards-aligned questions for grades 3-12 Math and ELA Common Core, all you have to do is pick your standard(s); Snapshot takes care of the rest by automatically creating a quiz for your students. Once completed, Snapshot automatically scores each micro-assessment and delivers real-time, visual results and recommendations. You can also make use of Edmodo's Quiz and Assignment features too.


4) How can I use Edmodo for Professional Development while school is out of session?

There are many ways to use Edmodo to access PD opportunities and stay connected with other educators over the summer:


5) How do I clear my Progress Book for the next grading period?

There is no need to clear your Progress Books. When your old groups are archived and new groups are created for the new grading period you will get a fresh new set of Progress Books. We also recommend exporting your Progress Books to save a hard copy of your class grades before your groups are archived at the end of the year. Remember, you can always restore an archived Group if you need to access this information at a later date.


6) Can I reuse this year's tests and quizzes next year in my new groups?

If you want to reuse assignments and quizzes for your new group, no need to worry! All quizzes and assignments are saved in your Library for use with future groups. You can easily load previously created assignments and quizzes to assign them to your new groups next year. You can also ask your colleagues to send you the Quizzes they have created so you can add them to your Library and use them with your Groups next year. 


7) What will happen to the folders I shared with my groups?

Just like assignments, and quizzes, all of your folders and folder items are stored in your Library. These items will remain saved in your Library from year to year. Next year you can share folders and Library items with your new groups.


8) How do I delete posts from last grading period?

There is no way to mass delete posts, but don't worry, there isn't a need to do this! Your former groups will be archived and new groups will be created for you. Once new posts appear in your new groups, the old posts will be pushed off your "Latest Posts" page.


9) How can I easily monitor my groups over break?

Your groups will be archived at the end of the grading period through sync. This means that no new posts will be able to be made in the groups. If you have any groups that were created by you outside of sync, we suggest setting your students to read-only or choose to moderate all posts. This will ensure you stay in full control of your group!


10) Will I need to enroll new students in my groups next year?

Nope! Just like this year, all Students in Edmodo should be registered by the district for the upcoming school year. Please do not enroll any students on Edmodo unless given express permission by your administrator (otherwise, you may be creating a duplicate account for a student). 


To learn more about Edmodo Sync, please visit our Help Center and, as always, the Support Team is available 24/7 to respond to any further questions.