Edmodo and Google Integration

Edmodo fully integrates with many Google features so that if you use Google at your school, or just have a personal Gmail account, you can do even more with Edmodo.

First, link your Google account to Edmodo by doing any of the following:

  1. Sign up with Google
  2. Log in with Google
  3. Connect your Google Drive to your Library

Once you have linked your Google account to Edmodo, you can: 

1. Log in with Google: No need to remember so many passwords! Just use your existing Google credentials to log in to Edmodo. Any user type can do this. Here are some tips:

  • Just click "Log in" then "Log in with Google." If creating a new account, click "Sign up with Google."
  • No worries if you already have an account: you can link an existing Edmodo account when you log in with Google.

2. Access your Google Drive from Edmodo: Once linked, visit your Library or Backpack to access your Google Drive files & folders at any time: all without ever leaving Edmodo.

3. Easily attach Google Docs to Assignments, Notes, and Quizzes: When posting an Assignment, Note, or creating a Quiz question, just click "Attach from Library," navigate to the Google Drive section of your Library, and select the item to attach. Boom! You've just shared a Google Drive item without ever leaving Edmodo. Note: Students have a "Backpack" instead of a "Library," but this works the same way.

4. Sign up for Edmodo with your Google credentialsWhen creating an account, click "Sign up with Google" and enter your Google credentials. Your Edmodo and Google accounts will be automatically linked, and you'll be able to take advantage of all of the benefits listed above.