Keeping your conversations organized and focused is now a lot easier on Edmodo! Check out the new features we've added to boost your reply power!

  • Threaded Replies: Rather than Replying to the entire Post, you can now Reply directly to a Reply. Simply click the Reply button found below a Reply to a Post. 
  • Likes: Now you can Like a post, and a Reply too. Click the Like button underneath the message to Like a Post or a Reply.
  • @ Mentions: If you want to include another member of your Group in your conversation or address your Reply directly to them, you can use @ followed by their name to mention them in your Reply. Simply type @, then start typing the Group member's name. When their profile pops up, click on their name to include them in the Reply. 
  • Attachments: Now you can add attachments to your Replies, just as you can to your Notes. Simply click the icons below the reply text box to include links or files from your computer or Edmodo Library/Backpack.