Bulk User Creation (Admins)

Bulk User Creation allows School and District Administrators to upload Edmodo Accounts for all teachers, students, and parents at a school in a few simple steps.

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account
  2. Click the "Management" tab and select "Members" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Bulk User Creation from the left side panel.
  4. Follow the Steps listed on the page.

Step 1: Download sample csv

Use this as a template for your upload.

Step 2: Modify this file to reflect details of your users. Important note: Do not edit the first line of the file

You can also use your own .csv file, so long as it contains the same header row (first_name, last_name, email, password). There is a limit of 1000 users per csv file uploaded; however, you can upload multiple files if needed.

Step 3: Select user type

Select whether the file you are uploading contains teachers, students, or parents. You can only upload a file with one user type at a time.

Step 4: Select school

Select the school in your district where your users should be uploaded. If the school you are looking for does not appear in the drop-down list you may need to Add the School first.

School Administrators will not have an option to select the school, as it is assumed that they wish to create accounts for the school to which they currently belong. Only District Administrators may create accounts for any school in their district account.

Step 5: Choose CSV file

Select your .csv file from your computer’s file directory. When ready, select the “Submit” button 

Once you’ve uploaded your .csv file, we’ll notify you that we successfully received it. Your accounts will be created in real time and a report will be emailed to you containing the results of your upload and indicate whether there are errors to correct or if your accounts are ready to use.

The "Status" listed in the “Upload History” section will let you know if your file is “scheduled”, “in_progress”, or “succeeded”.

  • scheduled : indicates that your file has been received by Edmodo but that we haven’t started processing it yet
  • in_progress : indicates that your file is currently being processed
  • succeeded : indicates that your file has finished processed, and your results are ready to view

You can click on any Job ID to View the Results of your Upload. This will allow you to see a list of every Record processed and a "Status" and "Message" indicating whether a Record was Successful or not. You are also able to Export the Results of your Upload to review.


What if some of my accounts are already on Edmodo?

If your upload contains a list of emails, and we find a match for an email already in our system, we’ll skip this user and won’t create a duplicate. When we send you a report following the upload, we’ll indicate which users got skipped due to their email already existing on Edmodo.

What if I can’t provide emails for students?

That’s okay! While emails are required for Teacher Accounts, we don't require emails for Student Accounts.

Emails are the only way to guarantee that we don’t create duplicate accounts for students, but if you don’t have access to or cannot supply emails for your users, we’ll still be able to create your accounts. In our report following the upload, we’ll indicate what the users’ login username is, and they can use this information to log in to Edmodo. (Users can always change their email in their Account Settings page: Teacher, Student, Parent)

Can I specify usernames for students?

At this time, usernames may not be specified in the .csv uploads. Edmodo will assign a system-generated username for each account uploaded. If you wish to specify exact credentials for your users, consider using the email column in the .csv upload instead.

What if I need to upload more than 1000 users or multiple schools at a time?

One of our other integration solutions may be a better fit for your needs. Please contact our Administrator Support team here to inquire about our existing integration solutions.