Observe Your Organization's Classes & Groups (Admin)

Admins can now view all Classes & Groups in their Organization in one area within the Admin Management Dashboard!

  • Org Admins can view Classes & Groups in their Organization's Directory.
  • District Admins can view all Classes & Groups in their District's Directory.
  • School Admins can view all Classes & Groups in their School's Directory. 

To view your Organization's Classes and Groups:

  1. Switch to your Admin portal
  2. Click on the Manage tab and select Classes and Groups from the drop down menu
  3. Select to filter by District or School (depending on your admin access)
  4. Click on the name of the Class or Group to view more detailed information such as:
    • Basic Information: Group Page, Owner, Class Code, Grade Levels, and Subject.  Some of this information can be updated by clicking the Edit button. 
    • Settings: View which manage member settings are enabled for the Class or Group.


  • Classes and Groups can be searched by Class name, Class Owner's name or email address. 
  • Depending on which of your Organization's permissions are enabled, some Admins may see the option to Delete or View a class.