Getting Started Guide (Admins)

The Getting Started Guide in your School or District Administrator Account is a checklist to help you remember what steps you should take to provide the best experience on Edmodo for your Teachers and Students. 

To access your Getting Started Guide:

  1. Switch to the Admin Account from your Teacher Account 
  2. If there are still Checklist Items to Complete, the Getting Started Guide will load automatically and will display at the top of your School or District Profile Page

 Items on the Checklist that no School or District Administrator in your Network have completed will display as Bulleted Items to do. 

 Items on the Checklist that any School or District Administrator in your Network has completed will display as Complete.  

Follow the Getting Started Guide and complete the Checklist to configure your School or District Account in accordance with Best Practice Recommendations.


The following Companion Articles will help you complete each step in the Getting Started Guide, as well as help you do more with your Administrator Account: 

1. Set your Contact for School Code

2. Notify Your Existing Teachers on Edmodo

3. Set School Administrators in Each School

4. Enable Edmodo Redirect

These Additional Tools will help you Create new Accounts on Edmodo and Monitor your Network Activity: