Admit Teachers and Students Into Your School or District Network (Admins)

Edmodo School and District Accounts provide the most secure access to Edmodo for Teachers and Students. They also enable access to special School and District Network Features that only Network Members may access. Before these additional Features can be accessed, however, the School or District Administrator must Admit all Teachers and Students into the School or District Network.

To Admit Teachers and Students into your School or District Network:

  1. If you haven't already done so, Create a Free School or District Account
  2. Direct your Teachers and Students to log into your School or District Account. Once your School or District Account has been Approved, you'll be a given secure School or District Network Page – called a Subdomain (e.g. – which all of your Teachers and Students will need to use to log into Edmodo. 
    • Logging in through your Subdomain is an important Best Practice for School and District Accounts on Edmodo. 
    • The Subdomain ensure that only Verified Teachers in your Network can Create Teacher Accounts and Communicate with Students.
    • Subdomains are also important for other School and District Account Features: Teachers and Students must log in through the Subdomain to access School and District Communities, and only these Members will appear in your Edmodo Insights Data.
  3. The first time they log into your Subdomain, Teachers will be required to supply the School Code for their School. 
  4. Once a Teacher has logged into the Subdomain using the School Code or has been Approved via the Pending Teachers Queue, this Teacher is now considered as Admitted to the School or District Network. All Students that the Code Verified Teacher has in her Groups will also be Admitted.

Teachers should only need to supply a School Code once. This will verify their identity as a Teacher in your School or District Network. 

Students will never need to supply a School Code. School Codes should never be stored in a location where Students can easily access them. 

Best Practices also recommend you take the following Steps to ensure the most secure School or District Network for your Teachers and Students:

 If you have questions please message our Edmodo Administrator Support team.