Invite Parents to Connect with Your Students

In order to connect your Students' Parents to your Groups, the Parents need to connect with their children. Connecting with their child will give the Parent access to your posts, as well as the posts from any other Groups the Student is in, but it also provides them access to their child's submissions and grades. Parents do not join Groups like Students do, so they don't need to use the Group's code, rather they need their child's unique Parent code. 

Luckily, sharing each Student's unique Parent code with their Parents just got a lot easier. You can now quickly print an personalized PDF for each of your Students that will explain to their Parents exactly how to sign-up and provide them with their child's specific Parent code. To generate your class set of Parent Code instructions:

  1. Log-in to your Teacher account.
  2. Click the Group on your left-side Groups bar.
  3. On the right side, click on the green "Invite Parents" button and then the blue "View Invites" button. 

When you click that, you will get a PDF file which you can download that includes one page of instructions per Student that includes their unique Parent code at the top - make sure to provide each Student with the correct sheet for them! This PDF file can be printed and each page given to the appropriate Student.

You can also share these article with Parents which explain how to sign-up for a Parent account on the web, on the Parent iPhone app, or on the Parent Android app.