Copy a Class/Group

Copying a Class/Group effectively resets your Class/Group making it ready to add new members. Only the owners of the Class/Group can copy the Class/Group. All original content created for the Class/Group, including Assignments, Files, Folders, Posts, Quizzes, Settings, and Small Groups will copy over.

To copy a Class/Group, you can do the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to your Class/Group
  2. Click on More ellipsis.png located in the Class/Group information panel
  3. Select Advanced Settings 
  4. Click Copy Group > Yes
    • Optional: If you do not want to copy Co-Teacher content deselect the option: "Yes, I would also like to copy all of the Posts, Folders, Files, Quizzes, and Assignments created by my Co-Teacher(s). I acknowledge that my Co-Teacher(s) will not automatically be added to this new Group."

What will not copy over from your original Class/Group?

  • Class/Group Members: You will be the only member of the copied Class/Group. No members will be added when copying a preexisting Class/Group. 
  • All Posts, Replies, and Likes: Any member posts, replies, or likes will not display in the copied Class/Group.
  • Scheduled Posts: Similar to Class Posts, any Scheduled Posts will not display nor be programmed in the copied Class/Group.
  • Class Image: The copied Class/Group will not maintain the same image as the original Class/Group.  A new image will have to be added through its Advanced Settings.
  • Assignment/Quiz due dates: When your Class/Group is copied, Assignment/Quiz due dates will be set based on forecast values, but will likely need to be updated to reflect your current marking period. Learn more on how to update Assignments or edit Quiz due dates. 

Note: Your new Class/Group will display as "Copy of [Original Class/Group Name]" and you will be the only member. Any post authored by a Co-Teacher will display as being authored by you, the Owner, in the newly copied Class/Group. In addition, any shared Folders added by Co-Teachers will appear in your Library as the Owner.