Copy a Class or Group

If you would like to copy a Group (including all of the Group's Posts, Assignments, Quizzes, and other content), you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Select a Group you are the owner for from the class list left panel
  2. Select the more icon ellipsis.png located in the group information panel > Advanced Settings 
  3. Select Copy Group
    • Optional: Deselect "Yes, I would also like to copy all of the Posts, Folders, Files, Quizzes, and Assignments created by my co teacher(s). I acknowledge that my co teacher(s) will not automatically be added to this new Group," if you do NOT want to copy any Posts or Files shared by a co teacher
  4. Click Yes to confirm


  • At this time, you may only copy Groups for which you are the owner.
  • Be sure to update all due dates for Quizzes and Assignments in your newly copied Group.


What will be copied? 

All Posts made by the Group Owner or a co teacher, Assignments, Quizzes, and Library Folders and Items. Content within Small Groups will also being copied into the new Group. Group Settings from the original Group are also copied over into the new Group. 

Note: Any post authored by a co teacher will display as being authored by the Group Owner in the newly copied Group. In addition, Group Folders added by co teachers will now appear in the Group Owner's Library. 

If you do not want to copy co teacher content, deselect the checkbox in the Copy Group confirmation box. 


What won't be copied? 

The following Group features will not be copied from your original Group into the new Group:

  • Group Members (including other teachers and students), with the exception of you as the Group. Owner. You can easily Add Students to your new Group using the Group Invite box or by sharing your new Group Code.
  • All Posts created by Students will be removed. Posts from adult members of your Group who are not a co teacher will also be removed. All Replies and Likes will also be removed from Posts, regardless of the author.
  • At this time, Scheduled Posts will not copy.
  • At this time, Snapshots will not copy.

Group Copy effectively resets your Group, making it ready for a new class of students. 

What about Quiz and Assignment due dates? 

When your Group is copied, Quiz and Assignment Due Dates will be set based on forecast values, but will likely need to be updated to reflect your current marking period. 

Be sure to update your Quiz and Assignment due dates. 


1. Original Group

2. Copied Group. Your new group will display as "Copy of [Original Group's Name]".

3. All Posts, Quizzes, Assignments, Share Folders, and Folder Items will be copied over.