Group Directory for Teachers

The Group Directory allows any verified teacher in a network to add Classes or Groups to the Edmodo Page for their school or district. Any other teacher member in the school or district network can then view and join these Groups in a single click without having to first provide a Group Code.

To Join a Class or Group from your school or district's Group Directory:

  1. From your homepage after logging in to Edmodo (or after pressing the "Home" icon in your top navigation bar), find your profile card in the top left portion of your screen. Click on your School or District link to go to the respective Edmodo Page for your school or district.
  2. Select the “Group Directory” : group.png : tab. 
  3. Browse the list of Groups and click the green "Join Group" button on the right to instantly access the Group. 

Note: If there are students in the Class, the button will read "Request to Join." An owner or coteacher in the Class will need to accept your join request. To add a Class or Group to your school district's Group Directory, simply change your Group Settings.