View Your Child's Grades (Mobile)

To help parents stay in the loop and know how their student is doing in their classes, Edmodo's made it even easier for parents to check their student's grades on the mobile apps.

To view your child's grades on the mobile apps: 

  1. Click on What's Due in the bottom navigation toolbar
  2. Apply the Completed filter at the top to see an updated list by month of your student's turned in and completed class tasks
  3. Locate and tap the class task whose grade you want to see to open a preview of it 
  4. Your child's grade will display in the initial pop-up window where you will also see the option to View Submission. If your child's teacher has yet to grade the class task, you will see the label Not Available as their grade.


  • If you have multiple children linked to your Parent account, be sure to select the child whose Planner you want to observe first
  • Parents can see all upcoming class tasks with the Upcoming filter
  • Have a question about your student's submission or grade? Simply click on Message Teacher to speak to them directly though Edmodo Direct Message. 
  • If a class task was submitted late, it will be labeled as such just under the grade. Likewise if it was submitted on time.