My School or District has not yet set up Classes for me

Your school or district has integrated with Edmodo to automatically enable accounts for teachers and students and to set up online classrooms which have already been rostered with all of your students.

Whether you’ve used Edmodo before or this is your first time, there are a few things to know about Edmodo now that your district has decided to integrate.

Assisting Students with Edmodo

All of your students should already be enrolled in Edmodo and rostered in the correct classes. Please check with an administrator before creating new accounts for students, so you can avoid creating duplicate accounts.

If you used Edmodo before your school or district completed the integration, all of your students’ prior work will carry over to their new accounts.

In many cases, students will log into Edmodo using the same process as teachers. Instruct students to log in using Clever, Office 365, Launchpad, or the method your administrator recommends. If you need to assist a student by having them log in directly on, and the student doesn’t know his or her Edmodo login, you can look it up for them in any Classes in which the student was enrolled:

Adjusting Your Account Settings

New Edmodo Accounts may be created for teachers and students by the school or district administrator. While many Account Settings can be freely adjusted, some changes must be made by the school or district administrator.

Adjust personal Account Settings, including your Title, Name, Primary Email, and School.

  • Because teacher and student accounts are maintained by your school or district, you may be unable to adjust these settings manually within your Account Settings menu.
  • Some administrators allow teachers and/or students to freely make changes to their Accounts (Please see Edit Your Account Settings).


Your administrator will be able to provide assistance if you can’t adjust any of these settings from Edmodo.

Other Teacher and Student Account features, such as Profile information, function as expected. To learn more about how to update Profile information, please see the Teacher Profiles Help Center section.

Set Up Your Classes

Your school or district has already set up accounts for all teachers and students on Edmodo, making it easier for you to get started using your School Directory:

  1. Create your Class
  2. Add students to your Class using the School Directory or Invite students to join your Class via Group Code

See Our Teacher Quick Start Guide to Get Started

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