Creating Discoverable and Private Groups

Discoverable or Private Group options on Edmodo allow teaches to decide how and they want to connect with other professionals. Read below to learn more about the differences between Discoverable and Private Groups and how to create them.

To Create a Discoverable or Private Group:

  1. Navigate to your Edmodo homepage
  2. Select More ellipsis.png at the top of your list of Groups
  3. Click on Create a Group
  4. Enter your new Group's information
  5. Select which type of Group you'd like to create between Discoverable or Private 

Note: All Groups are owned and moderated by the original Group Owner. The Group Owner always has the option to change a Discoverable Group into a Private Group at any time. 



Are discoverable by members in the School, District, or Organization Directory

Are private to only group members 

Connect and attract like-minded educators

Implement individualized instruction, share resources, and hold school-related discussions

Any Teacher in your Organization can search, find, and join 

Only Teachers that are a part of your School's Directory can join

Group Owners can share the Join Link or Join Code to join. Some will require approval from the Group Owner

Group Owners can share Group Code, Add from School Directory, or Invite by Email. When the Group Code is locked, approval from the Group Owner is required

Members of the School, District, or Organization Directory can view Group Title, Participant Amount, and a Description of the Group prior to joining

Members have to join the group first in order to view Group Content