What is a Public Group?

You can now create Public Groups to connect with teachers in your school, district and beyond! Public Groups are searchable and discoverable by any teacher on Edmodo, and they are great ways to connect with like minded educators.

A Public Group is:

  1. Set to "Public to All Teachers" in the Privacy Settings for the Group.
  2. Approved by Edmodo to be public to all teachers on Edmodo.
  3. Owned and moderated by the original teacher owner of the Group.
  4. Able to be set back to private by the owner of the Group.

To make your Group public:

Go to the More Icon ellipsis.pngthen click "Advanced Settings"




  1. Give your Group an appropriate name and a description that helps others understand why they should join.
  2. Enter a grade for the public group, or a range of grades.
  3. When creating a Group (or by navigating to its Advanced Settings), select "Public to All Teachers" in the Privacy Settings.
  4. Enter a description for the class in the bottom panel.


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Once approved, your Group will searchable and discoverable through Edmodo's search bar. Teachers who are interesting in joining can send you a join request, which you can approve from your notifications menu or members tab.