Edmodo Joins the NetDragon Family


April 2018

We are excited to share a very positive development for the Edmodo community. Edmodo is joining forces with NetDragon and will become part of their group of global education companies. Together, we will be able to accelerate our shared commitment to improve learning, and we will be able to move faster, be more responsive and better serve you, our valued teachers, students, districts, and parents.

Please see this press release for additional information.



1. Who is acquiring Edmodo and why?

Edmodo is joining NetDragon’s group of education businesses, which includes Promethean, the largest provider of K-12 immersive learning experiences, and Jumpstart, a leader in education games. By joining NetDragon, we will have strong, financial backing and will be able to accelerate Edmodo’s mission to help all learners connect with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.

As leaders in education, Edmodo’s and NetDragon’s offerings and strengths complement each other extremely well. NetDragon and their Promethean business have built strong support with districts and channel partners. Their interactive hardware and software is creating immersive learning experiences in over 50,000 schools. Edmodo has built strong support with millions of teachers, students and parents who are using our free communication and collaboration tools. Together we will provide the largest global education community with the tools and resources you need to engage students and improve learning.


2. How will Edmodo joining NetDragon impact me, my class, and my account?

Everything you rely on and value about Edmodo will remain the same. We will continue serving our valued teachers, districts, students and parents with our free communications and collaboration platform. By joining NetDragon, we will be able to innovate faster, provide more support for teachers and districts, and provide a deeper network with more resources and tools for all learners.


3. Do I need to do anything?

No. There is no action you need to take. Your account, the accounts of your class, and all of your files, posts, groups, and everything else in your account and profile will remain in place. Edmodo will continue to offer a basic free and neutral solution for teachers and districts that works with other hardware and software partners, including Microsoft’s Office Online and Google’s G-Suite for Education.


4. Will Edmodo remain free?

Yes. Edmodo is committed to offering the core Edmodo platform for free to teachers and students everywhere. The Admin portal and feature add-ons like Zoom are part of the paid offering. To learn more, please click here.


5. Is my data safe and what will happen to all of my data?

The privacy and security of our users have been critical to our business from day one. We were created by educators for educators, and because we have a direct relationship with the teachers, parents, students, and administrators using our platform, there is nothing more important to Edmodo than upholding the trust that is placed in us. This focus on users and user trust will never change.

We have built many privacy protections directly into our product, and it’s why we have adopted such strong, privacy-protective internal policies and practices. For additional information about Edmodo’s general privacy practices and policies, please see our privacy page which explains what Edmodo does and does not do with user data. It also contains links to helpful privacy-related “toolkits” that answer the most important privacy-related questions about Edmodo.  


6. What if I have questions?

Please contact our Support Team- they are happy to answer any questions you have.