Flipping Your Classroom with Edmodo

Get ready to flip your teaching script! Edmodo makes it easy to flip your classroom. Once you have a recording of the content you want to flip, as well as the in-class learning activities that students will participate in during class, you can host it all on Edmodo.


Step 1: Find or create your lecture

This is where you get to let your creativity shine! Find an online resource or create the lecture you want to use for your flipped lesson. Any shareable video or audio link will work just fine. If you already have your lecture set up, then you’re ready to go. If not, here are a few suggestions:

  • YouTube & Khan Academy (retrieve pre-existing videos you’ve made or that have been uploaded by others)
  • Screencast-O-Matic (Record your own lecture videos by narrating over a slideshow, right from your computer desktop)
  • For more great ideas for flipping your lecture, see the Enhance Your Lecture section below

Once you have your lecture link ready:

  1. On Edmodo, navigate to your Class.
  2. On the Activity bar, Click on Assignments, and Create a New Assignment (in the future, you can reuse this assignment by loading it in this step).
  3. Give your Assignment a title (i.e. the name of the lesson you are flipping), and provide instructions to your students in the description (e.g.”Watch the video before class tomorrow”). If you are including any other activities that the students should complete along with your video/audio, you can attach them to this Assignment and provide instructions for them in the Assignment Description.
  4. Add a Due Date for your Assignment. Mostly likely, this will be before your next class session together.
  5. Click on the “Share Link” icon and include the video/audio URL and title.
  6. Use the “Attach Files” or “Add from Library” icon to add any supplemental activities should do while watching your video (e.g. interactive questions).
  7. Send your video (or select “Send Later” and add a Date if you want to schedule the video for later. Just make sure students have enough time to view your video before your next class session).

Step 2. Set up your main in-class activity. This is what you’ll do collaboratively with your students.

You can use this time to have your students work on a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Researching a topic together
  • Dissecting a data set
  • Analyzing a piece of literature
  • Creating a visual timeline
  • Creating an infographic or pamphlet
  • Putting together a presentation
  • Making a short video
  • Completing a science lab or dissection
  1. On Edmodo, navigate to the same Class section you posted your video in.
  2. On the Activity bar, Click on Assignments, and Create a new Assignment (you can also reuse a digital assignment you’ve already created on Edmodo here).
  3. Give your Assignment a title (i.e. the name of the class activity), and provide any instructions you’d like to give to your students in the description. Remember, you’ll be working collaboratively with your students for this part of the lesson.
  4. Add a Due Date for your Assignment. Set the due date out until after the end of your next class session at minimum (or longer if you want to give students more time).
  5. Use the “Attach Files” or “Add from Library” icon to add a the digital homework file for the lesson. If you add a .docx (Office 365) or Google Doc file, you can also instantly make copies for every student by changing the drop-down from “View Only” to “Make Copies.”
  6. Send your assignment (or select “Send Later” and add a Date if you want to schedule the Assignment to post right when your class starts).

Step 3: Moderate. When it comes time to work on the in-class activity, circulate the room and help students as they work individually or in their work groups. If they are working collaboratively as a class, encourage them to share their findings on Edmodo with their classmates. 

Step 4: Grade. Use the Assignment features of Edmodo to ask students to submit the in-class activity (or resubmit, as needed). Grade your students' Assignments as your normally would. 

Take it Further. Once you have the basics down, try the following features on Edmodo to add more flair to your flip: 

  • Small Groups: Differentiate instruction within your Class by using Edmodo’s Small Groups to set up smaller work groups within your class.
  • Link to Hyperdocs in your Class and pin it to the top of your Class.
  • Encourage students to discuss your lecture on Edmodo and post their responses. If needed, you can use post moderation to facilitate good digital citizenship. 
  • Add Class Folders for commonly used class resources, such as rubrics and syllabi
  • Connect your Google Drive, or create free Office Online versions of your assignments to allow you to effortlessly make copies for all students.