Publishing a Quiz

Did you create a quiz that could benefit other teachers on Edmodo? Now you can make it public! Publishing a quiz to either your profile or to Edmodo Spotlight can help other teachers find and use your quiz with their own students.

Note: By default, newly created quizzes and the quizzes already in your Library are set to private and cannot be accessed by other teachers. Quizzes can never be accessed by student accounts.

To make a quiz public:

  1. Click on the Library library.png Icon.
  2. Click on the quiz you want to select, or you can search for them in the search bar.
  3. Click "Publish to Spotlight".


Publish to my profile:

Your quiz will appear in the Resources tab to teachers who visit your profile page.

Note: You can customize your privacy settings to make your profile and quizzes visible to all teachers or just your connections.


Publish to Edmodo Spotlight:

When you publish a quiz to Edmodo Spotlight, it will first need to be approved in order to get published. You can send your quiz for approval by checking the "Publish to Edmodo Spotlight" box when creating your quiz or by clicking the "Publish to Spotlight" button from your Library.

To get your quiz approved, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Quiz Title: Provide a title that could be widely used by other teachers. Avoid using the  specific chapter or section number of a textbook.
  2. Quiz Description: Provide a description that captures the essence of the quiz with enough detail that other teachers can make an informed decision to use the quiz. The description needs to be a minimum of 50 words in length.
  3. Grade, Language, Subject, Sub-Subject: Provide this information to help categorize your quiz correctly in Edmodo Spotlight.

Once approved, the quiz will appear in Edmodo Spotlight, a marketplace for teachers to find and collect resources shared by other teachers and publishers.

Note: If you select Publish to Edmodo Spotlight, your quiz will automatically be shared to your profile as well. However you can publish to your profile without publishing to Edmodo Spotlight.