Getting Started on Edmodo

Welcome to Edmodo!

We're excited to help you set up your digital classroom. Ready to get started? Follow these three simple steps!


Step 1: Set up your Class 

Classes can be set up in the way that works best for you:

  1. By period: Set up a Class for each period you teach. This works best for teachers who want a separate Class for each group of students they see throughout the day. An example could be P1 - Biology, P2 - Honors Biology, P3 - Physiology, etc.
  2. By subject: Set up a Class for each subject/prep you teach. This works best if you teach multiple periods of the same subject but want to communicate with all your students at once. For example, 7th Grade English, Journalism, etc.
  3. Main Class with Small Groups:  Set up a Class for your students, then use Small Groups to differentiate as needed. This works best if you want to have a central place for all your students but want to set up table groups, chapters, units, or other learning differentiation. For example, within your main Class, you might have Small Groups called Table A, B, C, and D

Learn more on creating Class or Group or watch the video tutorial below:



Step 2: Invite your Students

Once you have set up your Class, you can invite students and teachers to join in several ways:

  1. Join in class: If you would like your students to join while they are in class with you, share your Class Code and have each student join directly or use the Code to create their account. They can create an account either at Edmodo or by downloading the app for Android or iOS on their mobile device and follow the prompts to create an account.
  2. Join at home:  If you prefer to have your students join outside of your classroom, you can print a PDF handout that shows students how to join your Edmodo Class. You can also send out an email invitation if you have your students' email addresses.
  3. Create student accounts in advance: If you prefer to create your students' accounts for them, you can use the built-in student account creation tool in Edmodo, then print out students' login information when you're ready for them to start using Edmodo.


Step 3: Start a Conversation

When students have joined your class, you can start conversations on Edmodo! Here are some ideas:

  1. Welcome Note:  Before students join your Class, post an introductory note welcoming them to their digital classroom. You can pin the post to keep it at the top of your Class page for your students' first few days on Edmodo and encourage them to reply once they've joined.
  2. Poll your students: Create a Poll to use as an icebreaker or an informal assessment for your lesson. Polls are anonymous, and students won't be able to see the results until they submit their own response.
  3. Post updates, activities, or resources:  Use a variety of post types to complement your lessons. Post a daily greeting, share a video or meme, create an Assignment, or send a Quiz as an exit slip or bell ringer. 

Learn more about the options you have to manage your Class Members with the video below. 

Read more about Class/Group safety and learn how to create a safe learning space for your students:

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