Spotlight for Schools Features

Edmodo Spotlight also provides Edmodo Schools with access to private features for their network. Edmodo Schools features and Spotlight for Schools features are free for all education organizations around the world. Register your school network here

Share Resources with your District members:

Display resources only to Edmodo users in your school network. You can specify who sees each resource: Teachers, Parents, or Students.



Give your resource a title and description, then add additional information to help your users find it:

1. Set a Resource Type and Grade Level(s):


2. Set Subject Area and Standards:



3. Add additional Tags (Tags will help your users easily find your content by searching keywords):



Upload a Resource via LTI



Upload Resources in Bulk:

Edmodo can upload many resources at once via a bulk upload process. Here is a sample CSV format for bulk upload:






Resource Moderation:

Resources can be moderated by individuals in your school network before they go live to your members.  



Your moderator can change  details and information about resources that have been submitted in your network. If necessary, a resource can be sent back to the uploader with comments from the moderator. 



Teachers can view and edit resources they have published in Spotlight. Just switch to Spotlight and click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen, then select “My Account”



View Ratings, Views and Sales History (Note: Sales History is only available for paid resources).