Student Planner (Mobile)

Classroom's Student Planner is an organizational tool that helps students stay on track with their work. It automatically updates all class tasks on Edmodo, but also allows students to create and personalize even further with the option to create custom tasks and classes. Read below for more information on your Planner and how you can best take advantage of it: 

Accessing your Planner (Mobile) 

To access your Planner from your mobile device, simply:

  1. Login to your account 
  2. Tap Planner assignmentcenter.png in the bottom toolbar



Viewing your Planner Tasks 

Your initial Planner view will display a list of all of your upcoming class tasks to help you stay more organized. If you prefer to review all your completed class tasks, simply toggle your view to Completed by clicking on the top filter.


Creating a New Task 

Have a study group session that you can't forget to go to? Want to set a reminder for last stretch practice for your end of the semester presentation? To help you personalize your Planner for use outside of your Edmodo Classes/Groups, students can add individual and custom Tasks. Tasks are open to be customized for your needs! 

To create a new Planner task:  

  1. Navigate to your Planner assignmentcenter.png
  2. Tap New _.png in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Create your new task by inputting a title, due date, class and task label, notes, and any attachments
  4. Hit Save to add the task to your Planner 



Updating Planner Settings 

Students can personalize their Planner by changing a Class/Group's color, creating a Class category as well as adjust their notifications to include daily reminders for all Planner activities.

To adjust your Planner's settings: 

  1. Navigate to your Planner assignmentcenter.png
  2. Tap Settings gear.png in the top right-hand corner where you will see the following options:
    • Notifications: Toggle on your daily reminders if you want to get updates on all your Planner tasks
    • Classes/Groups: A list of all your current Classes/Groups. To change the display color, simply tap More ellipsis.png to the right of its name
    • Add a Class: At the bottom of your Class/Group list is the option to add a Class to your Planner. This option is great to help personalize your Edmodo Planner a bit more with any Classes or extracurricular activities you have and want to include.



View your Grades

Your Planner is a quick way to check in on your Assignment and Quiz submission and monitor your grades. Learn more on how to use your Planner to view your grades