Student Planner (iOS and Android)

The new "Student Planner" on the Edmodo app is an organizational tool that helps students stay on track with their work. It automatically updates the work created by their teachers on Edmodo, but also allows students to create their own custom tasks and classes.

To access Planner:

  1. Login to a student account on the Edmodo app.
  2. Tap the Planner tab.

Note: Every Assignment, Quiz, or Event created by a student's teacher on Edmodo will automatically appear in their Planner.



1. gear.png Planner Settings

2.  "What's Due" Section. This area includes your most urgent assignments/quizzes.

3. "Upcoming Section": Quizzes, assignments, and events due later on in the school year.

4. _.png button: Add additional tasks.




Setting up Your Planner and Tasks:

To create a new task:

  1. Tap the '+' button in the lower right corner of the planner.
  2. Give the task a description and add a due date/class (optional).
  3. Select the type of task (General, Assignment, Quiz, Event).
  4. Add any notes, including any picture attachments (optional).
  5. Tap "Save."

To set a daily reminder:

  1. Access the Planner Settings by tapping the gear icon.
  2. Tap the toggle to receive daily reminders.
  3. Select the time of day to receive a push notification.

To create a new class:

  1. Access the Planner Settings by tapping the gear icon.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your list of classes.
  3. Tap "+ Add a class."
  4. Enter a name and select a color.
  5. Tap "Ok"








Viewing and Managing Tasks:

To edit or delete a task:

  1. Tap any task to access the task details.
  2. Tap the ellipses symbol in the upper right corner of the task card.
  3. Select "Edit task" or "Delete task."

Note: Students can only edit or delete student created tasks. Teacher created tasks cannot be edited or deleted by students.

To mark a task complete:

  1. Tap any task to access the task details.
  2. Tap "Mark as complete" at the bottom of the task card.

Note: Marking a task complete moves the task from "Upcoming" to "Completed." Students can view upcoming or completed tasks by using the Planner filter (3.) at the top of the planner or tapping "See all." (4.)

Note: Tasks will automatically move to "Completed" if they are Edmodo assignments or quizzes that are submitted. Assignment and Quiz grades can be viewed from the list of completed tasks.