Sharing Resources to Edmodo Spotlight

Teachers can share resources to Spotlight from their Edmodo Library or by uploading content from the Spotlight site itself.

To share resources to Edmodo Spotlight, you can either share them directly via your Edmodo Library, or upload them via the Spotlight page.

Via the Edmodo Library

To share resources via your Edmodo Library: 

1. Log in as a teacher on

2. Once logged in, click on the “Library” button

3. Once in the library, click on the “New” button > “File Upload”

4. Next, click on “Choose Files

5. Select a PDF file from the your system folders

6. Click on the “Add Files” button

7. Your file will be uploaded to the Library. Now click on the ’∨’ arrow and the “Publish to Spotlight” option will be visible.



8. Click on “Publish to Spotlight” button. A modal will open. Fill in your resource details in the fields and clickSubmit


Once submitted, you resource will first need to be approved in order to get published. Clicking on the “Spotlight” link will take you to the “My Resources” page on Spotlight.



Via Edmodo Spotlight

To share resources via Edmodo Spotlight: 

1. Login as a teacher on


2. Once logged in, click on your profile image > “Spotlight


3. Once on Spotlight, click on the “Upload” button


4. Fill in the Title, Description and teaching tips fields in the “Resource Info” section of the upload form & clickSave & Continue


5. In the “Upload Resource” section, upload up to 5 thumbnails from your computer, Flickr or a video from Youtube


Next, follow the steps below to share a resource either by uploading a file from your computer, or by sharing a web link:

To upload a file from your computer as a resource: 

-  Click on the “Upload” button to upload a resource from your computer


- Select a file out of 34 supported file types as your Spotlight resource


- Once a file is selected it is uploaded as a resource in the Spotlight upload form


- Continuing with a PDF resource, Insert essential information of your resource in the  “Additional Info” section. Insert Language, Country, Grades, Resource Type, Subject, Subject Area, Common Core & Tags(keywords)


- Next select whether you want to share the resource for FREE or as a paid resource:

  • FREE resource3.6.png
  • Paid Resource (Note -  A web link resource cannot be sold)3.7.png

- After clicking the “Submit Resource” button, a confirmation pop-up will appear to publish your resource to Spotlight


To share a web link as a resource:

- If the resource you are sharing is a web link, click on “Share Link” button to share the resource as a web link


- Insert the link and click the “Save” button


- The link now appears. Click “Next” to proceed 4.3.png


Once submitted, you resource will first need to be approved by a moderator in order to get published. You can view your resource under review by going to My Account > Submitted.