Discover Overview and FAQs

Discover on Edmodo is a space where teachers and students can find free, high-quality educational resources such as activities, apps, and games that are shared by the Edmodo teacher community and our trusted education partners. Currently, Discover is only available to teachers and students.  

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Using Discover on the Web:

  1. Login to your Edmodo account.
  2. Click on Discover rocket.png located in the top toolbar
  3. Click on the content that you would like open from Discover's launch page



Using Discover with the Mobile Apps:  

  1. Login to your Edmodo account from your mobile app 
  2. Tap Discover rocket.pnglocated in the bottom navigation bar






What is Discover and how does it help teachers and students?

Discover is a space dedicated to helping teachers and students find free, high-quality classroom content and resources without having to leave Edmodo. Our goal as we launch and support Discover is to make it easier for teachers to enrich their lessons with relevant and engaging activities. We also aim to give all learners a safe, trusted place to find engaging content, learn more about their interests, and become empowered learners by building confidence and life skills.

What types of resources are available in Discover?

Discover includes educational resources shared by the Edmodo teacher community and our trusted education partners. These resources range from activities, apps, games, Edmodo Quizzes, videos, links, files, and much more. Some examples of resources are: a collection of social-emotional learning activities, mindfulness activities from our partner Happy Not Perfect, educational games like Firewords, and news videos from NexxGen News.

How can teachers use Discover with their students?

Teachers can use the resources they find in Discover by assigning them directly to their Edmodo Classes, sharing them on social media, or saving them to their Edmodo Library (or their computer) for later use. Some example ways that teachers can use Discover resources are: finding lessons and activities shared by other teachers, integrating social-emotional learning activities into the classroom, and giving students a brain break or warm-up activity.