Edmodo Teacher Community Guidelines

At Edmodo, we aim to create a safe and friendly community for all our users, from teachers to students to parents. To make sure your community conversations are productive and valuable, we’ve outlined how to participate as a valuable member in the Edmodo teacher community.


Sincerity is the heart of our community. We believe that educators (and people in general) are more accountable for their statements and actions when they use their authentic identities. Don’t misrepresent yourself or mislead anyone about your qualifications. 

Help maintain a supportive community where others feel comfortable to share, learn, and grow. As a global network of educators, members of our community represent a diverse range of opinions and experiences. It’s okay to debate and disagree–that’s an important part of learning–but please respect others’ views, opinions, and contributions by expressing your own opinions with civility. 

Keep your content professional, relevant, and on-topic. We want to ensure that our community is valuable to all participants. We ask that posts and comments stay relevant to the topic discussed and to the hashtag(s) in which they are posted. Don’t share false information, chain letters, or spam.

Keep promotions relevant to education. We encourage you to share your work and promote materials created by educators and for educators such as blogs, books, free and paid resources, etc. However, the Edmodo teacher community should not be used for commercial activity.

Protect yourself, your students, and others. Don’t put anyone in danger with the content you share. Don’t share any personally identifiable information about your students or others. Never give out account information, passwords, personal phone numbers, or addresses to anyone online. 

Respect others, the law, and Edmodo. We do not tolerate harassment, abuse, hate speech, and bullying. Please respect copyrights, trademarks and others’ legal rights. It is not acceptable to suggest that you are endorsed by or affiliated with Edmodo when you are not.  Please review our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for more information on what you can and can’t do with and on Edmodo services.