Edmodo Rewards Program FAQ

What is Edmodo Rewards?

Edmodo Rewards is a free program that rewards teachers for the important work they do everyday. Teachers earn points by using Edmodo with their students in the classroom, participating in discussions via Hashtags, and contributing resources on the platform.

As teachers earn points, they will qualify for digital goods on Edmodo, gift cards to use for the classroom and donations to charity.

Who qualifies for Edmodo Rewards?

All verified teachers over the age of 18 on Edmodo qualify for the program. Each teacher may only have 1 account per teacher.

How and when do I earn points?

  • Post announcements
  • Create assignments & quizzes for students to complete
  • Have discussions on the platform with your students
  • Share resources using Library
  • Earn points by using Edmodo with your classroom
  • Points are awarded weekly. Check your Activity page for updates.

Points expire after 18 months, so be sure to use them while you can!

What are all the benefits & rewards that I can earn?

All the benefits and rewards are based on your membership status. Check your Rewards page for current offers and rewards.

See statuses and benefits below:

Benefits \ Status

Rising Star

Shooting Star


Points multiplier




Redeem points for gift cards

Redeem points for Edmodo digital goods (coming soon!)

Redeem points for Edmodo physical goods (coming soon!)


Receive special badge (coming soon!)


1-year Happy Not Perfect premium subscription (coming soon!)


Receive premium support (coming soon!)


What are status levels?

Edmodo Rewards has 3 status levels: Rising Star (Tier 1), Shooting Star (Tier 2), and VIP (Tier 3). Status levels are determined by the teacher and their students’ engagement activity of the last and current school years. A teacher’s status level may change in a given school year based on their classroom’s level of activity on Edmodo.

How do I redeem Edmodo Rewards points?

Once you’ve accumulated enough points to redeem a reward you want, make sure you verify your email address so you can receive the instructions to use the reward. Browse the Rewards page for current offers and rewards.

If I don’t want the reward to be sent to my Edmodo primary email, how do I change it?

You can change your Edmodo primary email address by logging into Edmodo on www.edmodo.com, go to Settings, and scroll down to the “Account” section to change your primary email. Once you do that, you will have to verify your email address to start receiving rewards in your email!

I had trouble redeeming my points, what do I do?

Please contact the Edmodo Support Team here with any specific problems you encounter. 

You can find the Edmodo Rewards Program terms and conditions here