FAQ: Spotlight resources are moving to Discover

We are excited to announce that Spotlight resources are moving to a new home: Discover on Edmodo! For several years, Spotlight has served as the place where the Edmodo Teacher community could find supplemental classroom content and resources. Thousands of free resources have been uploaded by teachers and education partners in our community and have been made available for free to teachers everywhere. This spirit of sharing and community is at the heart of Edmodo, and we believe Discover will help more teachers on Edmodo find and use the valuable resources shared by our community. 


Why are Spotlight resources moving to Discover on Edmodo? 
We learned a lot in building Spotlight, and we heard from you about a number of ways it could be improved. Everything we learned helped us create Edmodo Discover, the new and better home for teaching resources on Edmodo. Discover helps teachers find free high-quality resources without ever having to leave Edmodo. This makes it easier for teachers to enrich their lessons with relevant and engaging activities. Teachers can use the resources they find in Discover by assigning them directly to their Edmodo Classes, sharing them on social media, or saving them to their Edmodo Library (or their computer) for later use. A future update to Discover will also allow teachers to filter resources by subject and grade level.


When will Spotlight be taken down?
Spotlight will not be available after January 31, 2020.


When will Spotlight resources be available in Discover?
Spotlight resources will be moved to Discover beginning in December 2019. All eligible resources will be moved over and available to teachers in Discover by the end of January 2020.


Which Spotlight resources are moving to Discover?
Most Spotlight resources will be moved to Discover, but we wanted to make sure we only brought over resources that our teachers have found to be highly valuable. Because there are many thousands of resources on Spotlight, we used signals from our community to indicate which resources met the required threshold—signals like resource ratings, number of resource downloads, the year a resource was uploaded, etc. All types of resources will be moved, including videos, links, files, Edmodo Quizzes, games, and some apps.


Which Spotlight resources are not moving to Discover?
Resources that did not have a high level of use by the Edmodo community are not being moved. Additionally, no paid resources will be moved.


What should I do about Spotlight resources that I want to keep using?
Although most Spotlight resources will be moved to Discover, it’s a good idea to save any resources that you want to keep using directly to your computer. To save a resource, navigate to the Spotlight resource page, visit the resource website directly, and save it by downloading the resource or bookmarking the resource page.


Will teachers or publishers be able to upload resources to Discover?
At this time, teachers and publishers will not be able to upload resources to Discover, but we are working with our community to gauge interest in having this ability in Discover. For publishers who are interested in providing resources in Discover, please stay tuned for more information.