What's New on Edmodo (Mobile)

We know how students and teachers need to stay updated while on the go which is why we're proud of our Edmodo app.  Our Edmodo Team is dedicated to continually improving the app and its features to meet the continually changing needs of students and teachers. We love to hear from our users on how we can be better. If you have any feedback or comments, please let our Edmodo Support Team know or post a review on our page.  Our Edmodo app is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Store. 📱 


July 2021 Updates:

Thanks for using Edmodo on your Android or iOS device! You know we're always looking for ways to improve the performance and functionality of our apps moving forward. If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can do that, please let us know in the reviews! Thanks team 👊🏽 

June 2021 Updates:

  • Quiz Print Function download.png: Teachers can download a printable PDF version of any student's quiz submissions or if you prefer, a bulk collection of all submissions.
  • Share Content Button share.png: Teachers have a new Share option available for home page's posts, helping facilitate content sharing across the Edmodo community!

May 2021 Updates:

  • Give Direct Feedback: Teachers can quickly download students' assignment attachments and annotate them externally, making it easier for students to see corrections on their work. 📝 
  • Quick Direct Messaging: Users have the option to send a Direct message from the Members list of any Class or Group. No more navigating just to your Messages! 💬
  • Edit "Make Copies" Attachments (Android) 📱: Students can download a copied attachment from any assignment and edit it on their mobile device.

April 2021 Updates: 

Thanks for using Edmodo on your Android or iOS device! This month we've focused on improving ours apps' performance, made a few tweaks to which are too small to notice, and pondered what new features you'd like to have. 😃  See you in class! 

March 2021 Updates: 

  • Office 365 Sign-Up: Users can now use their Office 365 credentials to create an account through the mobile apps.  Learn more about how to sign-up for an Edmodo account.
  • Saving Posts to Backpack 🎒: See something important that you want to save to your Backpack for later? Students can now save any Class posts to their Backpack making it easier for them to review the posts later.  
  • Better Assignment Comment Functionality 💬: Did you forget to send something to your Teacher?  Do you want your Student to see your notes on their work?  Did your comment include a typo?  Teachers and Students alike can now bulk upload more than one attachment to the Assignment comment section.  What's more, you can delete those comments which include mistakes.

February 2021 Updates: 

  • Manage Your Calendar 📅 :  Our new Calendar allows Teachers to edit or remove any outstanding Calendar events for their classes.
  • Better Bell Notifications 🔔: Students will get precise Bell Notifications for all updates on their Assignment submissions, including comments from their teacher.
  • Improved Assignments for Teachers: Teachers on the go have the option to comment and edit any previously sent Assignment posts.   

January 2021 Updates:

  • Integrated Product Tours 🧭: We've included a trio of quick product tours to help new users get familiarized with the Edmodo app from the start.  Happy exploring!
  • Bulk Actions for Assignments ✅: We know teachers thrive on efficiency which is why we built bulk actions for assignments which include grading, sending reminders and resubmission requests.
  • See Student's Submission Evolution: Teachers can see multiple resubmissions from one student in the same view, making it easier to see how they've improved their work.
  • Search Filters 🔎: Our mobile app search now include filters to help narrow down your search quickly
  • Rich Text Editor: Assignment creation through mobile apps includes our Rich Text options, allowing you to personalize and highlight what's important. Learn more about using our Rich Text editor.

Major 2020 Updates: 

  • Improved Account Settings ⚙️: We've expanded the account settings users can update through the mobile app making your life easier when you want to change your email address.
  • Revamped Quiz Design and Functionality: we completely streamlined quizzes for both teachers and students.  Some big updates were quiz attachments displaying and teacher grading for short answer questions. 
  • JumpStart Activity Studio IntegrationTeachers can create gamified class activities to make class time more fun.
  • Discover+: Students can access Discover+ and games offered while on the go.