Creating Classes for Your Teachers (Admin)

We know that Admins like to get ready for their academic year early which is why we've made it so they can quickly create and assign Classes to their school's Teachers.  

To create and assign a Class to a Teacher in your School Network: 

  1. Switch to your Admin portal
  2. Click the Manage tab and select Classes and Groups from the drop-down menu
  3. Select the Create Class button in the top right hand corner to create a Class 
  4. Enter the necessary information about the Class and choose the Owner from your School Network
  5. Click the Create button to officially create and assign the Class 

Note: Admins can only create Classes for Teachers who form a part of the School Network. If you cannot assign a Teacher a class, first make sure they are in your School Network by viewing a list of your School Network's Members. If the Teacher does not appear, Admins may first have to approve them in the join request queue or can use their School Code to help the Teacher join their School Network.