Live Class Pilot Terms and Conditions

Edmodo™ Live Class Pilot Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to be a trial user for Edmodo, Inc. (“Edmodo”), specifically to test the trial version of the Edmodo™ Live Class Pilot software platform (“Product”), assess its product features and functionality, determine its workability and ease of use, and provide product feedback so that the Edmodo can improve or enhance the Product for commercial use (“Trial User”).  I hereby accept the following terms (“Terms of Use”), in consideration for using the Product free of charge (“Benefits”).   Upon use of the Product, I understand that my receipt of these Terms constitutes acceptance of them by me and that no further communication to Edmodo of my acceptance is needed.  

Terms of Use:

  1. The free subscription and access to the Product is non-transferrable to another person or third party and cannot be used for my monetary gain, directly or indirectly.
  2. The period for trial use shall begin upon my initial access to the Product (the “Effective Date”) and last for the full period that the Product is available (the “Term”). I understand that I may be asked for my views on the usability of the commercial version of the Product, when available, but will have no obligation to provide such views.    
  3. I agree to use the Product’s features and functionalities as an end user would reasonably do so, but agree to use the Product at least once (1) per week during the Term.
  4. I understand that the features of the Product are “as is”, may not be error-free, nor available or identical to those in the commercial version of the Product.
  5. I understand that the times of my access to the Product may be logged or recorded, used solely by Edmodo to understand Product user interaction, frequency of access, and like information.
  6. I understand that the Edmodo is not liable for any issues I have as a result of my use of the Product.  Edmodo does not foresee any liability nor harm to Trial Users in their use of the Product, but I, along with my spouse, legal representative, agents, heirs and assigns, agree to release, discharge, indemnify, waive and agree to hold the Edmodo, its officers, employees, agents and assigns harmless and free from any and all liability of incident, injury or damages arising out of or in connection with my use of the Product.
  7. I understand that Edmodo’s product, customer care or other teams may require that I, with respect to the Product:
      • Report all bugs, malfunctions or problems. For any recurring bugs, provide the Edmodo with details on such occurrences.
      • Propose new feature ideas or improvements on existing features.
      • Complete all surveys and polls requested of me.
      • Join discussions with other Trial Users, should they be made available by the Edmodo or via a specific third-party site specified by the Edmodo.
      • Participate in calls or virtual meetings with Edmodo’s employees or representatives, one-on-one or in a group, to discuss the Product.
  8. I agree to not disclose to others or use, directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information. “Confidential Information” shall mean information about the Product, including but not limited to its Product features, functionality, customers, users, or Edmodo company information that I learned in the course of being a Trial User for Edmodo.
  9. I understand that, should I not adhere to these Terms of Use, I forfeit the Benefits, and that my disclosure of Confidential Information may result in consequences to me, should Edmodo take actions to protect its legal rights under any and all according law and regulations.


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