What's New on Edmodo (Web)

As Edmodians, we're dedicated to making our platform the best it can be and always working to improve Edmodo to meet the needs of educators and learners worldwide. We love to hear from our users on how we can be better. If you have any feedback or comments, please let our Edmodo Support Team know! 

June 2021 Updates

  • Print Quiz Submissions: You can now print completed (scored) Quizzes for the Quiz Overview page. Learn how to print quizzes printer.png 
  • Observer Mode (Edmodo Pro Only): Observer mode capabilities include being able to make  updates in Advance Settings, add members to class, change class color, add class image, invite by school directory and so much more!  :disguised_face::disguised_face:

May 2021 Updates

  • Group Directory Search (Edmodo Pro Only): Find collaborative Groups that pertain to your Organization's page so you can work with other educators in your professional and learning community. Find groups within your Organization 🔎
  • Announcements (Edmodo Pro Only): Highlight important announcements for your learning community through pinned announcements. Learn more about Announcements 📢 
  • School Directory Search (Edmodo Pro Only): Searching for members in your Org is now even easier to do with your School Directory Search! Add members with your School Directory ☑️

April 2021 Updates

Thanks for using Edmodo! This month we've focused on improving our site!  We've worked on boosting its performance, made a few tweaks to which are too small to notice, and pondered what new features you'd like to have. See you in class! 😉

March 2021 Updates

February 2021 Updates

  • Rich Text Editor: Teachers have more options to format their class assignments, notes, and quizzes. Learn more about Rich Text
  • First Time User Experience Tour: New users logging on for the first time will see some helpful tips on how to use Edmodo.  Happy exploring! 🧭  
  • Updated Zoom FAQs (Edmodo Pro Only): For Enterprise subscribers, learn about Zoom on different devices 💻 📱
  • Progress Book Improvement: Quizzes that include short answer questions are labeled as "ungraded" in Progress Book to help Teachers stay organized with their marking.

January 2021 Updates

  • Agenda 🗓️ : Add an Agenda to your class to help facilitate your students' learning. Create an Agenda
  • Discoverable Groups for Edmodo Pro: Create Groups for your School's Organization and control permissions for who can join. 

Major 2020 Updates

  • Posting GIFs: Teachers and Students can use the "Add a GIF" option in class posting options, adding some flair to class discussions while keeping the conversation educational.
  • Zoom for Edmodo Pro Subscribers: Introducing our new integration with Zoom allowing you to seamlessly create an event within Edmodo. Learn more.  
  • Refreshing Calendar View for Teachers and Students: Sleek new Calendar to help give you a better view of what's coming up at a glance. Learn how to navigate your Calendar 📆
  • Diverse Quiz Question Types: Expanded quiz question types to include distractor answers and multiple answers.  Learn more about the new quiz question types here
  • Personalizing Quiz Questions: Create versatile, dynamic, and fun quizzes by attaching visuals to individual question answer choices to help convey more complex answer options.
  • Friendlier Class Codes: We've made Class Codes easier to use while also ensuring best practices for classroom safety. Learn all about Class Codes and safety
  • Sign-Up Flows: Updated Teacher and Student sign-up flow with verification.
  • Discover Collections: We know how important it is to keep the learning going so we’ve put together some practical resources. Learn more about Distance Learning Collection on Discover.