View Members of Your School / District (Admin)

We know that Admins want to see their Network's members easily which is why we've made it simple through your Admin portal.  

To view members of your School or District Network:

  1. Switch to your Admin portal 
  2. By default you will land on the Manage Members view which contains a list of all the members in your Network
  3. Search for a specific user one of two ways:
    • By typing a user's name in the Search Members box at the top of the list
    • Applying any available filters Teacher, Student, or School Admins
  4. From list overview, you can view a user's basic information such as: name, role, and email or username.

Note: Clicking on their name will open their user profile where Admins can see more detailed information about the user, reset their password or update their school affiliation.