Create an Agenda (Teacher)

Here is a way for teachers to group their learning activities for a particular unit or for a week. Agenda items allow for multiple pieces of instruction, resources, and files to be sequenced together, which helps students stay organized and track their progress.


To create an Agenda, please click on the Create button and select Agenda.

  1. Add an Agenda Title 
  2. Add text and share your expectations, tasks, and attach inline classwork or other files with your class. Here you will have several other customizable options:
    • Add an attachment 
    • Change the font size 
    • Bold or italicize words (Large Title, Medium Title, Regular Text)
    • Add a bulleted or numbered list 
    • Add html code 
    • Add a link 
    • Add another section 
  3. On the right panel, select the Class to share it with, add the Date and Time for Scheduled Agenda, and Add the Agenda Duration (1 Day, 1 Week (seven days), or Custom). 
  4. Select Create Agenda