What's Due Center for Teachers (Mobile)

Similar to your What's Due Center on the full web, the mobile version will help you quickly locate and review all of your Class/Group tasks that have been or need grading. Read below for more information about the What's Due Center via mobile app: 

Navigating to your What's Due Center 

Getting to your What's Due Center is a bit different on the mobile app than the full web, but we got you! Follow the steps below to open and view your What's Due Center: 

  1. Login to your Teacher account 
  2. Click on your Profile Picture profile.png in the top left-hand corner 
  3. Select What's Due from the side menu bar



Using your What's Due Center

We know how valuable your time is, which is why we've included easy to use filters that help you narrow down your search. Read below for more information on how to use your What's Due filters efficiently:

  1. The general What's Due Center overview page includes the following two filters: 
    • Review: A list of all Class/Group work that still needs to be marked
    • Reviewed: A list of all the Class/Group work that has already been marked
  2. Click on Filter filter.png to narrow your search down further by task type or Class/Group. Simply tick the options applicable and select Filter at the bottom of the screen to apply them.
  3. Click on New +.png to create and send a new Assignment to a Class/Group

Note: Once you've located the Assignment or Quiz you're looking for, simply tap on its name to open a preview of it and grade your Students' submissions. Learn more about grading your Students' work on the mobile apps.