Calendar (Mobile)

Edmodos' Calendar allows you to see your Class/Groups' agendas with all Assignments, Quizzes, and scheduled Events all in one place! This helps you to stay organized, keep track of your progress, view upcoming items, and any late work which still needs to completed! Read below on how to navigate through your Calendar on mobile:

Navigating to your Calendar (Student)

Students can see a short list of all their Class/Groups' items via their Class/Groups' Calendar. Calendar also provides quick access to any pending Assignments, Quizzes and Events for that day. 

To navigate to a Class/Groups' Calendar: 

  1. Login to your Student account 
  2. Navigate to the desired Class/Group
  3. Tap Calendar calendar.png at the top of the screen
  4. Push Move left_copy.pngleft.png to switch to a different day. If the day has a Calendar item assigned, it will be listed below. To see more information of the item, simply click on its name.
  5. Tap on Calendar calendar.png to return back to the current date 



Navigating to your Calendar (Teacher) 

The see a general overview of all your Classes/Groups' items, Edmodo Teachers have a direct launch button to Calendar. Alternatively, if a Teacher just wants to see one Class/Groups' Calendar items, we recommend navigating to the Class/Group itself similar to Students. 

To navigate to your whole Calendar view, simply: 

  1. Login to your Teacher account 
  2. Tap Calendar calendar.png in the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap on any day with a blue indicator to see any scheduled items. A list of the items will display just below your Calendar.
  4. Other navigational features of your Calendar include:
    • To view more detailed information of a task: Simply click on the name of the task to open an overview of it. You will also have the option to view and grade your Students' submissions.
    • To filter which items display: Tap on the month to filter your items based on if they (do not) have a due date
    • To switch to a different month: Swipe your Calendars' view right or left to see a different months' overview
    • To switch to a different day: Tap the day you want to view or scroll through your Calendars' list. An indicator bubble will follow the days as you scroll.
    • To expand your list of items: Push the gray base bar and slide your list items up. This will allow you to see several items together which is great when there are many for one day! 

Note: Teachers, like Students, can navigate to a single Class/Groups' Calendar items by navigating to the Class/Group itself and tapping Calendar at the top. This view will show a more inclusive list of all Calendar items based by type and will also allow Teachers to create a new Assignment for the Class/Group.