Navigating to your Backpack/Library (Mobile)

Your Edmodo Backpack for Students or Library for Teachers is your important storage space for all your online class materials and resources. Locating your Backpack/Library is a bit different on mobile which is why we want to make sure you can get there quickly when you need to the most. Read below for more information on your mobile Backpack/Library:

To navigate to your Backpack/Library with the mobile apps:

  1. Login to your mobile app account 
  2. Click on your Profile Picture profile.png in the top left-hand corner 
  3. Select My Backpack or Library from the side menu bar


Functions of your Mobile Backpack/Library

Any material in your Edmodo cloud can be easily downloaded, managed, and viewed from your mobile device. From your initial view there are the following clickable options: 

  • Back left_1_.png : Return back to your initial Edmodo home screen 
  • My Backpack/Library down_1_.png : Filter what section of your Edmodo storage space you'd like to see. Options include My Folders as well as your connected GDrive or OneDrive.  
  • New +.png : See more options to organize your cloud and upload material from your mobile device. Great for when you're on the go and can't get to a computer. 
  • Search: Use Edmodo Search to help locate any items in your Edmodo Backpack/Library. Try typing in a keyword or phrase to get started!