Getting Started with your School or District Account

Signing up for a free School or District account brings all of the teachers, students, and parents in a school or district under the same umbrella, creating a centralized Community where anybody in the network can communicate. Furthermore, administrators gain access to an additional suite of analytic and member management tools, providing them a deep look in to the Edmodo activity occurring within their school or district. Lastly, only teachers who have a school code ( provided by an administrator, and their students, can join the network, creating an even-more-secure environment managed by administrators. Learn more about school or district accounts, read testimonials, and sign up at ( See how enabling a School or District network fostered collaboration in the Chesterfield School District! Each point in the video below represents an Edmodo teacher in the Chesterfield network, color coded by school, and each line represents an Edmodo Connection. Watch as the collaboration in the network grows over time!